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10 applications for study


There are a lot of applications for study across the globe and the below are some of those applications:

1. Google Drive applications for study – ios/android

To ensure that your work is secure in the event that your laptop crashes, save and keep all of your documents online. You and your peers can also work together offline on a document.

2. Office Lens – ios/android

This Microsoft program scans documents, magazines, receipts, whiteboards, blackboards, and more to create editable, shareable text. It also removes glare and shadows while reading photos from different angles.

3. MyHomework Student Planner – ios /android

With the help of myHomework, a digital student planner, you can keep track of your classes, assignments, examinations, and projects so you never miss a deadline again.

4. StudyBlue – ios/android

Users are given the option to upload class materials for study, make electronic flashcards for studying and sharing, and take practice tests.

5. Mint – ios/android

Mint is one of the most well-liked budgeting tools for students who wish to save money. You’ll get a thorough picture of your finances when you link your accounts to the app, which will aid in the creation of your ideal budget plan.

You can find out exactly how much you can spend on a weekend getaway or a night out after the rent is paid because Mint automatically categorizes your expenditure. You can also make plans for longer-term objectives, such as paying off your student loans or purchasing the textbooks for the following semester.

6. Evernote – ios/android

More than just a note-taking app, Evernote: It’s one of the greatest applications for college students because it enables you to keep track of everything, including notes from lectures and original ideas.

Are you sick of searching through files and notebooks to find the relevant notes? You may manage your schoolwork in one location, keep track of due dates, take notes, and save relevant handouts, webpages, and whiteboard images. Additionally, Evernote lets you save web pages for annotations and even integrates with Google Drive and Outlook!

You may search keywords and text, even within uploaded images of your handwritten class notes, if you frequently forget where you store stuff. This student planner app may be used even while you are offline, so you never have to worry about losing connectivity.

7. The Planner – ios/android

Every student is aware that we all occasionally miss class or choose to sleep in. The Planner is a student who makes an effort to maintain an easy-to-manage schedule because of this. A time management or student planner app that is accessible anytime, anywhere (even on the fly! ), is the ideal method to handle this.

8. Hello Talk – ios/android

It’s been said that speaking with native speakers is the best method to learn a language, and this app offers the best opportunity for that! HelloTalk gives you the opportunity to learn a language while discovering new cultures and meeting people from all around the world.

The app has a global user base of users that are committed to assisting you in learning more than 100 languages. Make friends with native speakers who will share their language with you while you share yours! Text, voice memos, voice calls, video calls, and even drawings can be used for chatting.

HelloTalk will give you authentic practice opportunities for your language abilities if you like learning via doing. These study applications, when used in conjunction with Duolingo, will have you speaking like a native in no time.

9. RefME – ios/android

This clever app uses the camera on your phone to scan a book’s barcode and generate a citation in the MLA, Chicago, or other format required by your institution.

10. TripAdvisor – ios/android

Don’t forget to get the best travel planner app if you’re currently utilizing budgeting apps to save for your upcoming vacation or weekend getaway.

Millions of travel recommendations are available on Tripadvisor, including opinions on hotels, must-do excursions, the best restaurants, and other undiscovered gems from other visitors. By utilizing the app to compare hotel and flight prices, you can keep inside your spending limits. You can schedule your upcoming trip using the planning tool, see it displayed on a map, and cooperate with other travelers if you’d like!

If you enjoy traveling during your school holidays, use the insider information on Tripadvisor to plan your next trip so that it is affordable and packed with the top eateries, tours, and sights.

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