4 reasons why Barcelona can’t buy Cristiano Ronaldo

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Barcelona would never buy Cristiano Ronaldo for the following reasons :

Cristiano Ronaldo
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  1. Ronaldo doesn’t want to play for Spain again. This was evident when he was asked about whether he would be willing to Return to Real Madrid following Zidane’s re-appointment, in addition to his team’s spectacular fallout from the Champions League against minnows Ajax. He politely said, “I do not desire to return to Spain.” Going back to Spain would also revive bad memories of the scandal he had of paying Katherine Mayorga 375,000 pounds so as to silence the rape claims she had made against him in 2009.
  2. It would be difficult to convince Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, two of the best world footballers to share the same dressing room. There would just be two huge egos that would never get well with each other. They would both be trying to outcompete each other.
  3. The transfer price would just be too huge and it would obviously breach FFP rules. Nowadays players are overvalued way too much just consider the case of Joao Felix being bought for 126 million euros. Would Barcelona simply accept to go bankrupt like AC Milan so as to meet Ronaldo’s release clause as well as individual wages?
  4. It is not an option for Cristiano Ronaldo. He would never love to play for Barcelona no matter what they give him.

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