5 things men do to attract ladies

5 things men do to attract ladies

How can you attract more ladies to yourself as a guy?

One way or the other, we have thought of this many times. As guys, three things matter to uswe generally want success, respect, and sex.

Now what are some things you can do as a guy to serve your sexual needs?

This article will discuss 5 things men do to attract ladies

  1. Dress well
    One common thing can not be ignored is the way you dress as a guy. Well, what is that saying again? You can make out one’s personality only by the way he dresses. The first impression counts. The way you dress makes you stand out. It’s quite simple. If you go to the zoo and find two monkeys, one dressed, the dressed monkey attracts you the most although both are monkeys.
  2. Smell good
    You must smell good to attract ladies. This point is almost the same as personal hygiene. In order to smell good, you have to take regular baths and use good deodorants. One thing you probably have not realised is that ladies throw themselves around you when you smell good. You will get so many hugs a day than you can count. It is nothing special but just the way you smell. You can as well adapt yourself to a particularly good smell
  3. Give ladies attention and praise them
    Always listen. Ladies have so many issues than can be counted. Some issues although irrelevant can be solved only if you listen and give your opinion by siding with her. By doing so, any lady would always want to be around you. Beware! once you start giving her attention and listening to her issues she will always come around you with more.
  4. Workout
    Nothing attracts a lady more than a well built muscular guy. What is there to touch if you are not muscular or well-built. You must follow daily training practices to build your abs, arms and improve your stature naturally. Only then will you attract more ladies.
  5. Always act smart and intelligent
    Ladies love intelligent and smart guys, especially when you are a student. If you have noticed, ladies are always around the smart ones just because they can help them solve all their arithmetical and logical tests and assignments. Always act smart and improve your intelligence as well to attract more ladies. It is important that you show that you care enough to learn and understand other cultural perspectives and abreast of all social issues
attract ladies
ladies like guys who are helpful in every way

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