6 Reasons Why You Should Never Sleep With Dogs

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Sleep With Dogs

6 Reasons Why You Should Never Sleep With Dogs

A select number of people are beginning to involve themselves in inadmissible acts with their pet dogs. Sompe people sleep with their dogs: intimately.

There are a number of reasons you may consider so you never sleep with dogs for satisfaction.

Here are 6 Reasons Why You Should Never Sleep With Dogs’

1. Little Scientific research

There is little scientific research on human and dog intimacy just like other animals. This pave way for so many unexpected possibilities.

2. Injuries to dog

3. Socially unacceptable and immoral

Society frowns on such acts. Religious institutions are against it. It is simply something the majority do not have a consensus on.

4. No reproduction process

There is no reproduction process when humans and dogs mate. This is due to the fact that dogs and humans have extremely distinct sets of DNA instructions. Their genes are simply too dissimilar to create something that will survive. Their genomes can’t mingle in any way that’s useful.

5. Infections

In “The Truth Behind Dubai & Dog Coitus Business” published on Yebekagh, a lady opened up about how she used the money she earned from sleeping with dogs in Dubai to treat her infections. The are so many infections associated with this intercourse.

6. Rabies

The rabies virus can be found in hydrophobic individuals’ sperm and, to a lesser degree, vaginal secretions. As a result, sexual activity can spread illness.

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