7 signs to know your boyfriend lost interest in the relationship anymore

7 signs to know your boyfriend has lost interest in the relationship

It is very common that a relationship may be crumbling because love fades and boyfriends lose interest in the relationship.

Mostly the males “le boo” lose interest whiles the female gives in all her attention.

Staying in a bad relationship can end you up in a bad and unprepared marriage.

If you notice these signs that your boyfriend has no interest in the relationship then it is time to end it.

1. He doesn’t answer your calls

Whenever you call your boyfriend and he refuses to answer your call, you should know that he is losing interest. Such behaviour may be a one-time thing but when it persists then you are not his priority anymore.

2. Excuses

A good boyfriend should always let you know when he is unable to grant you a request. Let us say you have this graduation ceremony and you gave him a special invite, he should definitely show up.

If he tries to pre-talk you out or he does not attend without prior notice the relationship is dead.

3. Volatility

A un-predictive boyfriend is a un-interested partner. Not knowing how your boyfriend will react when you pull a jovial prank on him or when you ignite a conflict means he is refusing to give in his all.

It is natural to experience conflicts in a relationship. Your boyfriend will let you know how he feels about almost everything.

4. No niceties

Every human being knows how to behave politely. There is no reason why your boyfriend should not treat you with respect.

Anything aside respect on the side of your boyfriend is deliberate and it is an indication that he is tired of the relationship.

5. Flirting with other ladies

This one is is a very serious sign. An interested boyfriend will find it very difficult to flirt with other ladies.

The opposite is evident with a relationship partner who has lost his interest in the relationship.

6. Too much sex

No healthy relationship will revolve around sex only. There are soo many ways you can have a good and memorable time with your boyfriend other than sex.

When the only thing your boyfriend can think about when he is around you is to take you into his bed, then you must call it a quits.

7. No gifts

One way to show affection towards your partner is to shower her with gifts. Even at odd times, it is very essential that you give her gifts.

The attention is drifted somewhere else when your boo does not give you gifts at all

Precious Eshun
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