A man crawled like a snake into my neighbour’s house

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I had lived in this house for a few years so I knew my neighbours. They were Ethiopian. There were yelling and people looking for someone. I later saw someone crawl up on the porch of my neighbour’s house.

The white, about 20 years old with basketball shorts and a white t-shirt was crawling like a SNAKE onto the porch and up to the door. The guy opened the screen door to the house and ducked down behind it.

I’m like, “alright he’s who they’re looking for, I know for sure he isn’t friends with my neighbours I haven’t ever seen a white boy over there, much less someone who isn’t Ethiopian!” I thought.

He opened their front door and went in quietly! My heart was pounding. Then he opened the curtains on the window facing my house not far from the front door but facing away from the place that was looking for him.

He pushed the window air conditioner out and started to climb out the window. With one leg out he realized I was watching him and froze.

I flicked my cigarette in his direction, smiled, flipped him off, and called the police. They never found him.

I called the police
The police never found him Image from Aljazeera.com

My husband (also a white man in basketball shorts) went over to their house immediately to make sure they were okay. He scared the shit out of them, but they were not fazed and told him thank you.

Precious Eshun

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