Alpha Hour: How to join live with Pastor Elvis Agyemang

Alpha Hour

Alpha Hour: How to join live with Pastor Elvis Agyemang

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, finding a source of strength and guidance is invaluable. For many, faith and prayer provide that solace, and one man is on a mission to share the message of God’s love and empower individuals to lead purposeful lives.

Pastor Elvis Agyemang, a renowned Ghanaian pastor, author, and motivational speaker, invites you to join him for an extraordinary experience called the “Alpha Hour.”

Alpha Hour: A Spiritual Journey

The Alpha Hour is a special moment that starts precisely at 12 am GMT – midnight, marking the beginning of a new day with an intense session of prayer. It is during this sacred hour that Pastor Elvis Agyemang leads participants through a powerful spiritual journey, aiming to create an atmosphere of faith, hope, and victory.

A Year of Victories

As we navigate the complexities of life, the Alpha Hour serves as a beacon of hope. In Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s own words, “This year is set to be full of victories.” By participating in the Alpha Hour, individuals can tap into this prophetic message and prepare themselves for a year of triumph over challenges.

How to join Alpha Hour live with Pastor Elvis Agyemang

Pastor Elvis Agyemang is dedicated to reaching as many people as possible with his message of faith and purpose. To achieve this, the Alpha Hour prayers are streamed live on various platforms, ensuring accessibility for a global audience. You can tune in to the Alpha Hour on:

  1. Facebook: Connect with like-minded individuals and share in the experience on the official Facebook page.
  2. Instagram: Join the live session on Instagram and engage with Pastor Elvis Agyemang’s inspirational teachings.
  3. YouTube: Subscribe to the YouTube channel to watch the Alpha Hour prayers and access a library of spiritual content.
  4. Zoom: For an interactive and immersive experience, you can join the Alpha Hour on Zoom and engage in a community of faith.


In a world where the noise of daily life can sometimes drown out the whispers of faith, the Alpha Hour with Pastor Elvis Agyemang offers a respite—an opportunity to start each day with purpose and prayer. As the Alpha Hour begins at 12 am GMT, let it be a reminder of the importance of faith, the promise of victories, and the power of unity in prayer.

Join Pastor Elvis Agyemang on this spiritual journey, and together, let’s embrace a year filled with triumph and blessings. Don’t forget to share the link!

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