Awal drops photo of his 1-year-old son

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Awal has in an interview on Kingdom 101.9 Fm admitted that the cute kid he was seen flaunting on social media on Father’s day is his son.

The interviewer was all nosy trying to find out who Awal’s baby mama was but the rapper only revealed that she was a light-skinned woman and not a half-caste as suggested by some social media people.

Awal has shocked many Ghanaians by parolling into fatherhood. We thought Awal was still the cute little boy know from talented kids however, Awal aired that he is no longer the boy Ghanaians knew from the famed Talented Kids show

According to Awal, it is high time people realised he has transitioned into a more mature person as a father. As to whether giving birth changes the maturity of an individual, that is another topic for another day.

The talented kids show gave him his first platform and he is unashamed of being tagged “the kid from talented kids.” He said.

Awal, however does not want his path to success to be seen as easy, because, he did not have it the easy way

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