Best Friends In The World: Sisters behind Africa’s biggest teen webseries

sisters behind best friends in the world

Best Friends In The World: Sisters behind Africa’s biggest teen webseries

Best Friends in The World the biggest African teen webseries owing to the number of unique streamers worldwide. The series is led by a team of sisters surprisingly.

Three Nigerian sisters named Jemima, Jesimiel, and Jeiel Damina created Neptune3 Studios, a film production firm, to expand how young Nigerians are portrayed in the entertainment industry. Neptune3 Studios airs Best Friends in the World.

The sisters behind best friends in the world starting from the oldest, Jemima, holds degrees in filmmaking and entertainment business at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, respectively. The middle sister, Jesimiel, is a scriptwriter who has earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. The youngest, Jeiel, is presently pursuing her studies in creative writing, following in the footsteps of her sisters. At Florida’s Full Sail University, all three of the siblings were students.

Neptune3 sisters
Neptune3 sisters| From left Jimima Damina, Jeiel Damina and Jesimiel Damina sisters behind best friends in the world (Sisters behind best friends in the world).

The classic teen drama Best Friends in the World is viewed through the perceptive Olive. This webseries explores a variety of topics that affect secondary school students, including friendship, family, first loves, rivalries, dread of the future, and other problems. In order to portray a kinder image of adolescence and put more of emphasis on other issues of identity and self-expression, the program stays away from sexualization, violence, and foul language.

‘Best Friends in the World’ follows Olive, a model student as she navigates growth and self-discovery with the help of her quirky best friends.

The reality of this audience are primarily captured in their work. Their episodes explore their struggles with schoolwork, juggling adolescent romances, and maintaining connections with family.

The stories that Neptune3 productions tell don’t all fall into the same category. In their online series, they not only examine their friendships, schools, and families as young adults, but also body autonomy and women’s sexuality. topics that are frowned upon by the majority of people, particularly in Nigeria.

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