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Bob Marley would have been alive today

Is this love

Bob Marley’s death, quite drawn out, painful and cleaning him out financially was absolutely unnecessary.

He got cancer in one of his toes, often said to be the piggy toe, but that is besides the point. His doctors said it was easy to cut the toe off and that was that, no chemo or anything.

But his so called religion, Rastafari, which basically tells him to smoke a lot of weed, forbids any parting of your body or something like that.

His cancer spread out, he sought all con men, charlatans and cheaters in the world and allowed them to do anything to him, for fortunes of money, but of course to no avail.

The sicker he got, the more he surrounded himself by blood suckers who did everything to get his money, at the cost of his life. Probably spurring him. He is absolutely not the only one suffering this fate.

Bob Marley died from cancer, but it must have been dramatically painful and took a long time.

Well you can’t be irritated by the fact that he refused to amputate his toe. Who’s to say that Bob Marley wouldn’t have had a reoccurrence once he had his toe amputated?

His tendency to give money away to, everyone, was just his nature to give. He believed money was not what was ultimately important in life. The Marley documentary in 2012 was long but riveting.

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