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Brian Mwenda Bio: Age, Net Worth, Education & Facts

Brian Mwenda
Brian Mwenda

Brian Mwenda is an internet popular and rare acclaimed lawyer, he is professional and knowledgeable in handling civil and criminal law cases. He took over the talk of the internet after his arrest on allegations of “posing as a lawyer’ a fake one for that matter.


While specific details about Brian Mwenda’s age are not readily available, the controversy surrounding his impersonation as a lawyer has brought the spotlight upon him.

Net Worth

Brian Mwenda’s net worth remains undisclosed, but his audacious actions and legal impersonation have stirred considerable attention, both within and beyond the legal community in Kenya.


The controversy surrounding Brian Mwenda’s alleged legal expertise has raised questions about his educational background. Details regarding his formal legal education, or lack thereof, are yet to be fully elucidated.


Brian Mwenda’s impersonation as a lawyer has drawn widespread attention, particularly within the legal community in Kenya. His actions have sparked controversy and concern, with the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) issuing a warning about his impersonation and the potential data breaches within the LSK Portal.


  • The controversy around Brian Mwenda centers on his claims of being a lawyer, which were subsequently debunked by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK). LSK, specifically its Nairobi branch, released a statement cautioning the public about Brian Mwenda Njagi, asserting that he is neither an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya nor a member of the society.
  • The legal community in Kenya is urging individuals with information about Mwenda or any other person impersonating an advocate to report it to the relevant authorities.
  • While the controversy surrounding Brian Mwenda’s impersonation unfolds, his actions have astounded many. Some have drawn comparisons between him and the fictional character Mike Ross from the TV series “Suits,” known for practicing law without a formal law degree.

Despite ongoing investigations and legal actions, Brian Mwenda’s audacious impersonation and apparent legal prowess have captivated many Kenyans. His actions have also raised concerns about the security of the LSK Portal and the potential for identity theft within the legal profession. The LSK has pledged to address this issue decisively to safeguard the integrity of the legal profession.

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