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Late Cameron Boyce Bio: Age, Net Worth, Relationship & Facts


Cameron Boyce was an immensely talented American actor and dancer. He was the son of Victor Boyce and Libby Boyce, and he had a younger sister named Maya Boyce. From a young age, Cameron showed a keen interest in the performing arts, captivating audiences with his charisma and natural talent.


Cameron Boyce tragically passed away on July 6, 2019, at the tender age of 20. He was born on May 28, 1999, in Los Angeles, California His sudden departure left the entertainment industry and his fans around the world heartbroken, as he was still at the beginning of what promised to be a remarkable career.

Net Worth

Throughout his short but impactful career, Cameron Boyce managed to accumulate a considerable net worth. At the time of his passing, his net worth was estimated to be around $5 million. This wealth came from his successful acting ventures, endorsements, and various projects, showcasing his prowess as a versatile and sought-after performer.


While Cameron Boyce was ardently committed to his acting career, he also recognized the importance of education. He attended school and managed to balance his studies with his passion for the arts. Despite his demanding schedule, Cameron maintained a focus on his academics, setting an example for young fans who admired his dedication to both learning and pursuing his dreams.


Cameron Boyce was known for keeping his personal life private, but he was never shy about expressing his love for his family, friends, and fans. He shared a special bond with his parents and sister, often seen in pictures and social media posts together.


  • Disney Channel Success: Cameron Boyce rose to prominence through his roles in various Disney Channel productions. He gained widespread recognition for his role as Luke Ross in the TV series “Jessie” (2011-2015) and for portraying Carlos de Vil in the “Descendants” film series.
  • Charity Work: Apart from his acting career, Cameron was deeply committed to philanthropic endeavors. He was involved in several charitable organizations, using his fame to raise awareness and funds for various causes, including providing clean water to communities in need.
  • Passion for Dance: Beyond acting, Cameron was an accomplished dancer. He showcased his dancing skills in various projects and was a member of the dance crew “X Mob.”
  • Advocate for Social Change: Cameron Boyce was passionate about using his platform to advocate for positive change in the world. He was vocal about issues like gun violence prevention and environmental sustainability, aiming to inspire his fans to take action and make a difference.
  • Legacy: In the wake of his untimely passing, Cameron’s family established “The Cameron Boyce Foundation” to honor his memory. The foundation continues his philanthropic efforts, supporting causes close to his heart and encouraging young people to be active in their communities.

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