Slavery shouldn't continue to occur for the sake of our African IP - Mr Eazi
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Slavery shouldn’t continue to occur for the sake of our African IP – Mr Eazi

Ajibade Oluwatosin, a.k.a Mr Eazi said that slavery should not continue in Africa and explained that it is the responsibility of every African musician to push towards African equity. According to Mr Eazi, Africa has for too long been exploited of mineral resources. The little that is left behind is surrounded by corruption causing Africa […]

Betplanet Cashout
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Betplanet announces major cashout using Ghana celebs

Bet planet has announced special cashout games on social media via Ghana celebrity platforms. “Everyone is passionate about football but the question here is how far can you go for your team?? It starts with you! Trusting yourself, believing in your favorite team and then moving a little further by investing in your team. Wondering […]

Political haven

Politics is a real mess and has been left uncleaned for decades

Politics is the activity of negotiating with other people over finite resources and finite opportunities so that everyone involved can get as much benefit out of a situation with as little burden to everyone involved as possible. Ideally speaking, of course. It’s simply working out life’s challenges with your neighbor and when your neighborhood is […]

Puddle in Australia

This puddle is the same shape as Australia, and it formed in Australia

Yebekagh came across an unbelievable of a puddle that was formed in Australian and it is surprisingly the same shape as the Australian map. They are soo many coincidental events but not as ridiculous yet interesting as a puddle with the shape of the map of the country it can be found in. Critically examining […]

crawling like a snake on window

A man crawled like a snake into my neighbour’s house

I had lived in this house for a few years so I knew my neighbours. They were Ethiopian. There were yelling and people looking for someone. I later saw someone crawl up on the porch of my neighbour’s house. The white, about 20 years old with basketball shorts and a white t-shirt was crawling like […]

Man steals 1 Ghana cedi

Guy steals 1 Ghana cedi and is given GHS 1,469.18

Information reaching Yebekagh news desk shows a guy who was given 1469 Ghana cedis as he tried to steal 1 Ghana cedi. According to the weird story, the man (name anonymous) stole money from a walking pedestrian at Circle. The thief succeeded in stealing the pedestrian’s wallet. He saw British pounds and a few cedis […]

Bishop Son
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Video of Duncan Williams’ son in foursome leaks online

Arch Bishop Nicholas Duncan Willians’s son leaks a foursome video online. Daniel Duncan Williams, the last-born son of Arch Bishop Duncan Williams, is seriously trending online. Every netizen believed the son of Duncan Willians was searching for a life partner until the news broke, a foursome. He captioned, “I’ve been looking for my queen my […]

Floyd's death

Events Leading Up To George Floyd’s Death: Heart Breaking Real Life Poem

He called out to his Mom who died two years ago on this same day😭😭😭😭😭RIP Handcuffed. Face Down, Knee on his neck. They did nothing. This poem is dedicated to George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died in Minneapolis, Minnesota on May 25, 2020, after Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, knelt on his […]

Toxic Relationship
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Toxic Relationship: Mom caught in bed with another man

My parents have been married for like 20 years and this was a shock to me, to say the least. My dad was at work and I came home from a friend’s house unexpectedly. They were in the living room and I saw the guy roll off of my mom and pull some clothes on […]

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I lost my parents because they did this

This was on my 21st birthday. It was my mother who did it, I invited my (divorced but in a relationship) parents to my birthday dinner and they wanted to hang out with me and my friends afterwards, so we headed up to a bar where I would spend a lot of time in. One […]