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Cesc Fabregas defer his wages by 30% and decides to pay all fitness and medical staff

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Spanish footballer, a central midfielder for Ligue 1 club Monaco, Cesc Fabregas the club’s highest earner has decided to defer his wages.

The Spanish central midfielder made some quite impressive and bold decisions to offer assistance to his club As Monaco to get through the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic threats.

Fabregas is exceptional on the field

He had decided to defer his wages for four months and has equally decided to take a pay cut of 30%.

The decision of the former Arsenal and Chelsea player is a huge help to his club. After making this generous decision, he added that he was going to help pay all members of As Monaco’s fitness and medical staff as well as those who have been furloughed.

In the meantime there are hopes that the premier league will begin soon but according to Sergio Aguero players are ‘scared’.

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