Coronavirus: Don’t greet anyone, stay in your room we will come for you

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On Oman FM this evening, it was made clear to all the Ghanaian populace not to greet anyone. They advised that when coronavirus symptoms persist call and experts will come for you.

On-air this evening, they stated, ” Stay in your hour when you suspect or observe any symptoms of Coronavirus. Dial the following numbers, 0509497700 (Vodafone) or 0558439868 (MTN), an expert will come for you and necessary treatments will be given to you.”

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They also pleaded with Ghanaians to comply with the words of the President, wash hands properly and also avoid greeting people unnecessarily. In addition, prevent the touching of the face with unclean hands.

The fears of Ghana have been unveiled as two cases of coronavirus have been confirmed positive. According to a speech by His Excellency, Akuffo Addo serious measures have been put in place to curb the situation. He added that, those measures were satisfactory.

Source: Yebekagh

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