Coronavirus is a demon

Coronavirus is a demon and will not leave if you don’t stop talking about it – Anonymous

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A message is circulating that coronavirus is a demon which spreads with the speed of sound and will leave only if we stop talking about it.

According to the WhatsApp message, the coronavirus outbreak is a fulfillment of scripture. The anonymous message quoted the bible scriptures from Revelation 9:13-16, 9:18-19, 16:13.

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In explanation, the message represented China as the Dragon, “First of all, they came from the mouth of the dragon, which nation has the dragon as their symbol?”

“China is seeking to rule the world, and China is ruled by the Dragon. That’s a great demon.”

“Out of the mouth of the Dragon comes this great Demon ‘Coronavirus’.”

“They know that when the church comes together and lift up their voices their hold will break, they know it. It’s against the church”

The anonymous preacher added that “They will send a whole troop to assassinate me for telling the truth…But I have no fears GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN ME”

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Interesting and sensible facts were shared in the message, some of which include representing China as the Dragon, America as the Beast and Africa as False Prophets. I further explained that the three are arranged to accomplish something before the coming of Christ.

At the end of the message, it was point-blank that anyone reading it should beware and take God seriously and not lose the way.

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