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Hair strands in the bible is a vaccine and cure for coronavirus

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Coronavirus is still a global problem world leaders are desperately in search of a vaccine that can efficiently solve it.

The way forward is still be sought, however, the Christian world seems to have found a solution to the pandemic in their own way.

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The biggest news on social media is the strange story of a miraculous hair that can be found in every bible in the world that can cure Coronavirus as well as prevent its infection.

According to the viral news, every single bible has a hair somewhere in it. There is no specific verses chapter where you can find each hair; each bible and where you can find the hair.

From what has gathered so far, some bible has more than one strand of hair in different chapters/books in one Bible. Some have as many as 5 strands of hairs in one bible.

From the little investigation conducted by, the revelation first came from Allah during an Islamic prayer session in Mecca.

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Subsequently, God made the same revelation to a 5-year-old girl from the Central Region of Ghana, West Africa on Wednesday, 25th March 2020 during the National prayer and fasting day to beseech God for his mercy to fight COVID-19.

Per the instruction as told by the 5-year-old girl from Ghana, God told her to tell the world to put the hair in water and use the Bible verse from where the hair was found in the Bible as prayer point. After that, the water is to drink.

It must be understood that these are all religious believes backed with no scientific proof whatsoever. It’s faith and that is what the Christian Religion is built on.

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