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Coronavirus patients face another disease after recovery – Nana Addo

Nana Addo said during the national address that coronavirus recovered patients face social stigma after recovery.

He worriedly said that those patients were strong enough to survive the disease which apparently has no cure. The virus could not take their lives, so as citizens we should not do so either.

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So far, 99 patients have recovered with some others responding to treatment.

Akufo-Addo urged that we support ourselves during these times and listen to him. One vital information he added during the nation address was that the partial lockdown was over.

A follow up reminder was that all health and safety protocol are still to be observed. He encouraged that, ‘everyone use a nose mask”.

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In addition, he assured that the National Health service will give instructions on how to use safety material to safeguard ourselves from the virus.

Source: Yebekagh

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