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COVID 19: Are Black Africans immune to Coronavirus?

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Many controversies surrounding COVID 19 as to whether the blacks are immune to the virus still holds.

The mega question will be unraveled in this article. Are blacks immune to Coronavirus? A recent update statistics as of 11th March 2020 on countries affected with COVID 19 is shown below. Before that, let us understand what immunity is.

What is Immunity?

According to Wikipedia, immunity is a biological term in medicine which refers to the balanced state of multicellular organisms having adequate biological defenses to fight infection, disease, or other unwanted biological invasions, while having adequate tolerance to avoid allergy and autoimmune diseases.


Per the infographic above, it is seen that cases have been recorded in Africa. A recorded case automatically contracts the notion of immunity. Although most cases recorded in Africa are from foreigners, the majority are from Africa.

A few cases have been recorded with the most latest covid 19 cases fueling from West Africa, Ghana. Most recorded cases recovered fully after following health guidelines and isolating themselves from other people.

The two cases recorded in Nigeria have been fully recovered. Hence, one may say Africans have a high resistance to the virus due to the high recovery rate other than immune.

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