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COVID 19: Doctors in Ghana ignore patients with health conditions

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Information reaching Yebekagh desk states that the Doctors and nurses ignore coronavirus patients with health conditions, refusing to offer treatment.

The information is being circulated by amateur citizens that the Doctors have a perception that patients with health conditions are at high risk of death once they contract the virus.

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On the other hand, patients with no serious ailments are given all the care and treatment deserved.

If this information is true that when doctors diagnose serious ailment from quarantined patients, they refuse to treat them then this would be a violation of human rights in the country at a high level.

While Yebekagh believes this information to be false due to valid evidence, we are trying to establish contact with the Ghana Health Service and Noguchi Memorial Institute of Research to confirm the validity of the situation.

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What To Do Now

In the meantime, Yebekagh in support of all medical teams suggest that you follow all necessary health guideliness and secure your safety. If this information above is true, you would not want to end up in the hospital either. Stay safe!

Source: Yebekagh

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