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Covid 19: Does Nigeria deserve to be Giants of Africa?

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Africa as a Continent might have its Challenges, but there’s is a shift coming, we will no longer be looked as a Consuming Continent but as a Productive Innovative continent.

Senegal continues to fuel hope in Africa, igniting the energy to fight the daily chalenges we face in Africa due to the pandemic.

Some citizens of Nigeria however, may have ignorantly downgraded the efforts and health care systems provided by the government.

The Nigeria Infopedia said, “The Giant of Africa have received all of these as donations: €50m from EU. $21.4m from US. N25b from Nigerians. Yet, we are still begging for ventilators and testing kits. While Ghana is using drones to deliver samples and Senegal already developed their own $60 test kits”

Chris Adaure said, “I find it funny when we still shout ‘Giant of Africa’ What does tag even mean. We are just d most populous nation. Now, look at Senegal and how amazing they have done. This is a wake up call to other African countries especially Nigeria”

Many African countries are doing their uttermost best to eliminate the treat.

Senegal is producing their own test kits, Ghana has tested over 10k people and is using drones to transport samples keeping their health care workers safe, over 150k people have bn tested in SA, the Nigerian government has donated over 20k and relief materials to citizens and so many more that hasn’t been noticed.

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