Home News Dblack Flaunts $87,000 Rolex Watch at Icebox Atlanta

Dblack Flaunts $87,000 Rolex Watch at Icebox Atlanta


Dblack is currently enjoying himself at Atlanta as he visits Icebox for shopping.

In a recent video shared by Dblack, the ClubOnyx CEO is seen flaunting expensive jewelry and Rolex watch believed to be worth over $87,000 as it appears to be a Rolex Pearlmaster.

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Luxe.Digital reported: “The Rolex Pearlmaster tops our list of the most expensive Rolexes that you can buy today. The watch retails for $87,000 but its price might vary depending on the market price for diamonds at the time of your purchase.”

Watch video as DBlack flaunts $87,000 Rolex Watch together with the other jewelries.

VIDEO: DBlack Flaunts $87,000 Worth Rolex Watch & Expensive Jewelry From Icebox, Atlanta.

Dblack Flaunts $87,000 Rolex Watch at Icebox Atlanta.

Dblack bought the Rolex watches and paid for them at Icebox Atlanta.

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