Home Entertainment Delay ditches Amerado for Kwaku DMC

Delay ditches Amerado for Kwaku DMC

Delay ditches Amerado for Kwaku DMC

Delay has suspiciously ditched Amerado for Kumerica star Kwaku DMC.

Critics claim Delay has a thing for young boys living their dream life although she is a successful independent and woman.

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As of April 2022 she is unmarried yet the media has captured a cozy relationship between Delay and Amerado.

In a photo obtained by Yebekagh, Delay is seen posing with Kwaku DMC. The photo was taken after the interview shoot with Asakaa boys of which Kwaku DMC was present. There were there to talk about Asakaa songs and more.

According to Yebekagh sources, the two, Delay and Kwaku DMC had a suspiciously egoistic vibe.

See the photo below;

Even with this photo it is vyable to say “Delay ditches Amerado for Kwaku DMC” or possibly it is just two similar personality traits in synergy.

Lookout for more updates as Yebekagh uncovers info about Delay’s relationship. Is it Delay and Kwaku DMC or Delay and Amerado. We will soon find out!

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