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Donald Trump glimpse on the New York Times out of business

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President Trump just played a montage of the media downplaying the Coronavirus in the White House Briefing Room and glimpsed on the New York Times out of business.

In our recent post, we Yebekagh shared an article that shows the idea of Donald Trump on what he specifically stated as “Lamestream Media”.


He said after playing a few videos that, “It is very sad that most people write false stories…In that case, I guess it was gotten mostly from the New York Times.”

Trump also added saying that if we had liberal lawyers they would have been out of business before they finally end up going out of business.

Trump’s fight to expose “Lamestream Media” is on.

When its all said and done, all he did was replay what they said. Now other media outlets are set to retaliate to the truth.

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