Dr. George Jojo Boateng Bio: Age, Net Worth, Education & Facts

George Jojo Boateng

Dr. George Jojo Boateng Bio: Age, Net Worth, Education & Facts

Dr. George Boateng is a Computer Scientist, Engineer, Educator, and Social Entrepreneur recognized as one of the 2023 Forbes 30 under 30.

He is a trailblazing figure in the world of technology and education and has achieved remarkable success at a young age. From his cutting-edge research to his entrepreneurial endeavors, George’s journey is marked by extraordinary achievements and a commitment to empowering the next generation.


While precise details about his age are not provided in the available information, Dr. George Jojo Boateng has achieved remarkable success early in his career, making a significant impact in the fields of technology and education.

Net Worth

Dr. Boateng’s net worth is not publicly disclosed in the provided information. However, his contributions to the tech and education sectors, along with his accolades, indicate a successful and promising career.


George is an alumni of Mfanstipem Senior High School. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and a Master of Science in Computer Engineering, both earned from Dartmouth College in the United States. Furthermore, he successfully defended his doctoral thesis in Applied Machine Learning at ETH Zurich in Switzerland in September 2022, further solidifying his position as a leading expert in the field.


The available information does not provide details about Dr. George Jojo Boateng’s personal or relationship status.


  • Dr. Boateng’s research spans the domains of ubiquitous computing, applied machine learning, and mobile health. His work has resulted in over 30 peer-reviewed publications, showcasing his dedication to advancing the frontiers of knowledge.
  • George is the CEO and Co-founder of SuaCode.ai, an AI EdTech startup with a mission to democratize science and technology education across Africa. The company harnesses the power of smartphones and artificial intelligence to make education more accessible and inclusive.
  • Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Dr. Boateng served as an Applied Scientist at Amazon, specifically in the Alexa AI division. This experience enriched his understanding of cutting-edge technologies and their real-world applications.
  • George’s contributions to the tech and education sectors have not gone unnoticed. He was honored as one of the 2022 IBM New Creators, underlining his role as a forward-thinking innovator. In 2021, he received recognition from the MIT Technology Review as one of the “35 Innovators Under 35,” further validating his impact in the field.
  • His role as an incoming Postdoctoral Researcher at ETH Zurich in Switzerland and as a Visiting Researcher at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom attests to his international influence. His focus on Digital Biomarkers promises to shape the future of healthcare and technology.

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