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Enforce a total lockdown – Gifty Anti to Nana Addo

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Young as ever, Gifty Anti, who appears to be alarmed by the COVID-19 updates, is calling on the government to be more strict with plans to contain the virus.

The country has been on a partial lockdown for about three weeks now. These measures were put in place after Ghana recorded cases of coronavirus.

Currently, eight lives have been lost to the virus in the country according to the ministry of health. The cases, however, are continuously increasing despite all measures put in place.

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as of today, total deaths, due to coronavirus in the UK is about 10,000. All because they did not listen, just as Ghanaians are not LISTENING!!! Mr President, we can no longer do business as usual. I think you are over pampering us, Mr President. We will be the same people to blame and accuse you if this virus claims more lives. Please, something has to change and immediately too!!!

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