Home News Fabio Gama Leaves Asante Kotoko For Muharraq Club in Bahrain

Fabio Gama Leaves Asante Kotoko For Muharraq Club in Bahrain

Fabio Gama Leaves Asante Kotoko
Fabio Gama Leaves Asante Kotoko

Brazilian midfielder Fabio Gama, a free agent, signs with Bahrain’s Muharraq Club.


Fabio Gama leaves Asante Kotoko after the expiration of his contract. Fabio informed Management at the end of the season of his desire to explore other opportunities elsewhere after two successful season with the Club.

Two years ago, Fabio Gama signed for Asante Kotoko. Fabio Gama, whose contract with Asante Kotoko was not renewed, will join Muharraq Club in Bahrain.

The Kotoko team have shown appreciation for his efforts while playing for Asante Kotoko.

Asante Kotoko appreciates Fabio Gama

The Ghana Premier League’s top playmaker from 2020 to 2022 is no longer there. The young man made a contribution and did his part to aid Kotoko this year. It was frequently fun to watch him. We are all appreciative and wish him the best if he departs content.

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