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Fans of Ibrah 1 scared for his life for threatening the President

Netizens and fans of “game boy” Ibrah one are lamenting over his reactions with fear for his life.

Social media users believe Ibrah is putting his life in danger with his careless death threats. Even if he does not fear for his life, how about his kids? He is putting his kids in danger by threatening politicians.

Nungua SM President said, “But wait, Don’t he has Kids? Don’t (he) Ibrah knows he’s also putting his kids in danger by threatening politicians. If he don’t know the history about politics , he should ask. Is a bloody game.

In a recent threat by Ibrah, Netizens have reasons to believe Ibrah is threatening the National President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo.

Nana Addo presido
Ibrah 1 allegedley threatens the President

Ibrah threatened someone believed to be the President. He said, “Even that your stupid short President will be part of the corpse

Kobby Jones on twitter reacted, “Threatening the president? Wow

St. James also said, “He just made his case worse. Threatening the president. Eii

What do you think? Is Ibrah 1 making a mistake?

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