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Final warning from Asem to Amerado on Yeetensem series

New York-based Ghanaian rapper Asem has given Amerado a final warning to Amerado concerning the production of Yeetensem series.

A few weeks ago, Asem alerted Amerado that he can sue his weekly news series Yeetensem because he owns the content.

According to Asem the content is copyrighted because Amerado did not seek his consent before producing the Yeetensem series.

He shared a tweet to alert Amerado;

I don’t have anything against Amerado, i wish him nothing but the best. But he should have reached out and seeked my blessing before starting his series. It is my concept and I have the patent & copyright to sue him and any media house publishing that content. #YeeteNsem ASEM.” He said in a tweet.

See tweet below;

Asem’s tweet

Asem used to give fans a yearly run-up of the major Entertainment happenings in a song dubbed Fylla released at the end of the year. In respect to this, he claims the Yeetensem series by Amerado is copyrighted.

He has sent out another warning this time , a video.

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