Former Gangster Turned Author and Actor, Dave Courtney, Found Dead

Dave Courtney dead

Former Gangster Turned Author and Actor, Dave Courtney, Found Dead

Dave Courtney, a self-proclaimed former gangster who transitioned into a career as an author and actor, has tragically passed away. The 64-year-old was discovered lifeless at his residence in Plumstead, southeast London, on a sorrowful Sunday. A statement released on his social media profiles confirmed that he had taken his own life.

According to his Facebook page, Dave Courtney had spent his Saturday immersing himself in a passion he cherished – watching his beloved football team, Charlton. Photographs shared on the platform showcased his enthusiasm as he witnessed Charlton securing a resounding 4-0 victory over Reading in a League One match. He also enjoyed a meal at the stadium with friends, illustrating the warmth of his final moments.

The statement announcing his untimely demise conveyed that further details regarding funeral arrangements would be made available “in due course,” as friends and fans mourned the loss.

Dave Courtney was known for his audacious claims of connections to the infamous Kray twins, renowned figures in Britain’s criminal history, and for allegedly organizing security for Ronnie Kray’s funeral. However, considering his birth year, he would have been a child at the time of the Krays’ convictions.

He often recounted numerous attempts on his life, including incidents where he was shot and stabbed during his time in the criminal underworld. His life story purportedly served as inspiration for Vinnie Jones’s character in the film “Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels,” which ultimately catapulted the former football tough guy to international fame.

Dave Courtney embarked on a screen career of his own, featuring in crime documentaries and low-budget gangster films. In addition to his on-screen pursuits, he authored several books, with one particularly claiming a remarkable 19 not guilty verdicts in separate trials.

One of the notable trials took place in June 2004, in which he was acquitted of assaulting his wife during a dispute concerning an extramarital affair. In a subsequent case in 2009, he was exonerated by a jury in a trial concerning firearm possession charges.

Dave Courtney’s residence in Plumstead, affectionately known as Camelot Castle, held a unique status in the local landscape. Decorated with an array of eclectic items, including fake guns, swords, suits of armor, a bust of Courtney, multiple portraits of the late Queen, a jacuzzi, gold lion paintings, Union Jacks, and even a statue of a sniper, it was an embodiment of his unique character.

The passing of Dave Courtney marks the conclusion of a life filled with intrigue, adventure, and transformation, leaving behind a complex legacy that continues to captivate those who knew of his exploits.

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