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Funny Face confirms he is going for a third wife with big Botos

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Funny face has said to his best friend Emmanuel Adebayor that he will surely go in for a third wofe, one with big Botos.

The commedian has an ongoing fued which is causing a lot of problems for him at the moment. His friend Adebayor has not overlooked the issue and has thrown his support.

Adebayor sent a message to Funny Face asking if he could send him a blank cheque of which funny face replied and said he was going to use part of the money to marry a third wife.

Funny replied, “bro .. ASEM NO AY3 CRITICAL 😀 big buttocks over slim buttocks .. I know da slim buttocks girls will say siaa maen “ ENTI na wu wu no “ 😀 Asem no ay3 k3se3r .. Ay3 bloody ankasa .. just say “ FIIM FIIM “ u guys sleep for life .. wake up come try .. just say “ FIIM FIIM “ 😅 call me da”

If part of the money can be used to marry another woman then it should be a huge amount!

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