GFA medals is compared to KNUST Graduation medals

GFA medals is compared to KNUST Graduation medals

Medals given to the MTN Ghana FA Cup winners by GFA gets compared to KNUST graduation medals.

KNUST graduation medals vs Ghana Football Association medals for the Premier League and FA Cup champions.

Many Ghanaians continue to question and criticize the seriousness of GFA and local sports in Ghana.

Trending online now is the medals given to the MTN FA cup finalists. Their medals get compared to KNUST medals as seen above.

It is clear the difference in beauty and quality. Why is this so?

In a fan reaction, Abdul Raf said “Because you use 4 years to get the 1st one and less than a year to get the second one. That’s the difference.”

4 years a graduation medal and 1 year for a GFA medal? This might not be substantial especially with the sponsors of GFA and the untainted name to be sold to the world.

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