Ghana Birth Cert is just a record, not proof of Ghanaian citizenship – Godfred Dame

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Ghanaian birth certificate is a mere record of birth and not a proof of Ghanaian citizenship, Deputy Attorney General Godfred Dame has said, backing a Supreme Court verdict.

According to the Deputy Attorney, the birth certificate which bears the names of one’s parents and their nationality is not enough to prove that an individual is a Ghanaian because the information there is not verifiable.

Mr Godfred Dame said the document needed to prove Ghanaian citizenship is only by going through the National Identification Authority’s process of acquiring a Ghana Card.

In the event of a challenge of one’s citizenship, a certificate of citizenship issued by the Interior Minister after investigations under laws of the country is the only way to confirm one’s citizenship, he added.

Meanwhile this affects the acquisition of a Ghana passport as the Foreign Affairs Ministry plans to phase out birth certificate as a requirement.

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