Home Entertainment Ghanaian Entrepreneur Enokay buys $75,000 Toyota Supra

Ghanaian Entrepreneur Enokay buys $75,000 Toyota Supra

Enokay buys $75,000 Toyota Supra
Enokay buys $75,000 Toyota Supra

Ghanaian business owner Enokay, born Hudu Enoch, has made headlines for his latest purchase—a brand-new Toyota Supra valued at $75,000 (GH¢892,500.00).

  • Ghanaian Entrepreneur Enokay Invests in Luxury with $75,000 Toyota Supra Purchase
  • Enokay Shatters Rumors, Confirms $75,000 Price Tag for His New Toyota Supra
  • Enokay’s Lavish Lifestyle Continues: $75,000 Toyota Supra Joins His Expanding Collection

As of 2023 only two people own this luxurious car and the young boy is one of them.

According to YEN, Enokay confirmed this price tag and car model in a WhatsApp conversation dispelling rumors that he had acquired the luxury vehicle for $45,000.

Renowned for his opulent lifestyle, Enokay, who owns betting and fashion brands, is famous for his collection of luxurious cars and lavish living.

Notably, he has also recently gifted new cars to his father and girlfriend, all worth thousands of cedis.

Enokay’s acquisition of the $75,000 Toyota Supra has set the internet abuzz, with some bloggers and online users previously speculating a lower purchase price of $45,000.

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