Home News GRA Halts Delivery of Helicopter Gift to KNUST from PHI Century Limited

GRA Halts Delivery of Helicopter Gift to KNUST from PHI Century Limited

GRA Halts Delivery of Helicopter Gift to KNUST from PHI Century Limited
GRA Halts Delivery of Helicopter Gift to KNUST from PHI Century Limited

Kumasi, Ghana – A generous gift intended to bolster the educational and research capabilities of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has been stalled, as the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) intervenes over issues of taxation.

PHI Century Limited, a prominent aviation company, had planned to donate two helicopters to KNUST’s Aerospace Engineering Unit to enhance its aeronautical studies and research. However, the GRA’s demand for thousands of Ghanaian cedis in taxes has put the transfer of these helicopters on hold.

According to Voice of KNUST, “Two helicopters to be delivered as a gift to KNUST by PHI Century Limited to assist with aeronautical studies at the aerospace engineering unit have been halted by the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) over issues of taxation.”

The helicopters, a valuable addition to the university’s aerospace engineering department, were originally intended to be delivered as a philanthropic gesture to advance aeronautical studies in the region. The significant development in the field of aviation was poised to benefit both students and researchers at KNUST.

The sudden roadblock emerged when the GRA, responsible for overseeing tax collection and compliance in Ghana, insisted that KNUST must settle a substantial tax bill before the helicopters could be released. This unexpected financial hurdle has raised concerns among the university’s administration, students, and philanthropic organizations supporting educational initiatives.

Professor Veronica Danso, the Vice-Chancellor of KNUST, expressed her disappointment over the taxation dispute, saying, “We were thrilled about this invaluable gift from PHI Century Limited, which could have greatly enhanced our aerospace engineering program. However, the taxation demands have put a strain on our financial resources, and it’s imperative that we resolve this issue as soon as possible.”

PHI Century Limited, a renowned player in the aviation industry, has a track record of philanthropic endeavors aimed at supporting educational and research institutions. The decision to donate helicopters to KNUST was in line with their commitment to fostering innovation and development within the aviation sector.

The controversy surrounding the taxation of the donated helicopters highlights the challenges faced by educational institutions in Ghana when receiving gifts and donations. Taxation disputes, like this one, can hinder the development of research and academic programs that rely on philanthropic contributions.

The university administration, in consultation with legal advisors, is currently engaged in discussions with the GRA to resolve the taxation issue. They are hopeful that a mutually agreeable solution can be reached, allowing the helicopters to be delivered to KNUST without any further delays.

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