Hilda Baci Biography, Age, Net Worth, Relationship & Facts

Hilda Baci

Hilda Baci Biography, Age, Net Worth, Relationship & Facts

Hilda Baci is a Nigerian Chef known for breaking Guinness World Record for the Longest Cooking Marathon by an individual.

Hilda Baci’s journey as a chef and her groundbreaking achievements demonstrate her exceptional talent, ambition, and dedication to her craft.

With her notable accomplishments, she has solidified her position as a prominent figure in the culinary world, paving the way for further success and contributions to the culinary landscape of Nigeria and beyond.


Hilda Baci, also known as Hilda Effion Bassey, is a talented Nigerian chef who has achieved remarkable feats in her culinary career. While her exact birth date is not mentioned in the provided information, she is currently 27 years old.

Net Worth

As no specific information about Hilda Baci’s net worth is available, it is difficult to provide an accurate figure.

However, her growing prominence as a Guinness World Record holder, media personality, and successful businesswoman indicates that she has been able to build a successful career and financial stability.


There is no mention of Hilda Baci’s relationship status in the given information. Her focus and dedication to her culinary pursuits suggest that she has been primarily devoted to her career.


  • Guinness World Record Holder: Hilda Baci made history by setting a Guinness World Record for the longest solo cooking marathon. Her remarkable achievement garnered significant attention and brought her national and international acclaim.
  • Jolloffaceoff Winner: Hilda Baci emerged victorious in the Jolloffaceoff 2021 competition, showcasing her culinary skills and claiming the title for preparing the best version of West Africa’s famous spicy rice dish.
  • Education and Culinary Training: Hilda Baci obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Madonna University Okija, highlighting her academic pursuits. While details about her culinary training remain undisclosed, her passion for cooking and continuous improvement in her culinary skills have made her a renowned chef.
  • The Cooking Marathon: Hilda Baci embarked on a daring cooking marathon, preparing over 100 different dishes for several days. Her incredible endurance, perseverance, and dedication to her craft captivated the attention of politicians, celebrities, and the general public.
  • Support and Recognition: Hilda Baci received immense support from notable Nigerian celebrities, including Iyabo Ojo, Tonto Dikeh, comedian Macaroni, actor Ike Ogbonna, and Tobi Bakre, who rallied behind her during her Guinness World Record attempt. Her accomplishments have not only made Nigeria proud but have also showcased the talent and resilience of African culinary artists.
  • Inspirations and Homemade Recipes: Hilda Baci attributes her passion for cooking to her mother’s culinary techniques. Her recipes reflect her homemade approach, combining traditional Nigerian dishes such as jollof rice and akara with various rice and pasta variations.

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