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How Hip-Hop has changed since the 90s

How Hip-Hop has changed since the 90s

The necessity for good lyrics and addressing problems in the black community has seemingly encouraged the creation of hip-hop culture. Around the 1990s, crime was at an all-time high. Many additional factors influenced evolution.

How has Hip-Hop changed since the 90?

Now, this is how Hip-Hop has changed since the 90s. Starting with the move from hip-hop to rap, a lot of things changed. It got increasingly threatening. As technology progressed, new means of creating music emerged. The flow had progressed to a higher level. Hip hop gradually faded into obscurity, owing to the radio’s promotion of new rap styles. With the rise of mumble rap, it’s entirely gone down the toilet.

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In years, there hasn’t been an influential hip-hop musician. Hip-hop, might regain popularity if individuals addressed current issues such as police brutality and closet racism. It may not be exactly how we remember it, but it will develop into something new. Regrettably, individuals today appear to have a different perspective about rap. People nowadays rap for pleasure or because they don’t want to confront serious subjects due to politeness.

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