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How to build confidence to talk to a girl


It is very important that before you talk to the girl whom you feel might be way out of your league that you build confidence to talk to her.

Here are 5 tips on how to build confidence to talk to a girl

1. Drop your limiting beliefs about dating.

I’d be rich if I had a cent for every guy who told me “all the good ones are taken,” “ladies only want money,” “girls don’t date short guys,” or “there are no gorgeous girls in my school/workplace/OKCupid feed.”

However, adopting these so-called “truths” about women sets you up for dating failure. When you notice yourself engaging in one of these negative thought patterns, quickly counter it with at least one example (we both know you can).

This is critical since life tends to reflect our expectations, and a negative attitude can quickly become a negative dating reality. Furthermore, negativity isn’t exactly enticing, just saying!

2. Get to the root of your insecurity.

The first step to becoming more confident in love is figuring out where your insecurity stems from. Were your parents really hard on you as a kid? Did your high school crush break your heart into a million pieces?

Men are culturally conditioned not to express hurt feelings and insecurities, and as a result, these unprocessed emotions tend to fester and wreak havoc on their love lives.

To start moving past your dating gremlins, think back to a time when your confidence was tested. What happened? What did you believe to be true about yourself as a result? Is that belief serving you? If not, it’s time to start letting it go.

3. Fake it until you make it.

“You’ve got to feel she isn’t out of your league.” And, at first, you may have to act your way into this conviction. You don’t have to put your insecurities on display if you have them.”

I completely agree. When it comes to making the initial approach, acting more confident than you feel is very important. Too many males drop out of the game before it even begins because they are afraid of hearing the word “no.” Once you’ve overcome your fear of rejection, you’ll be astonished at how often you’ll hear “yes” instead.

4. Use the “friend zone” to your advantage.

The infamous “friend zone” is one of the few things that most men despise, yet it actually has a lot to teach you. Apart from the fact that women make excellent and supportive friends, platonic connections with the opposite sex may teach you a lot about what women seek.

They also make you much more comfortable and confident around women, which will carry over to the object of your affections. The next time a girl you’re crushing on says she just sees you as a friend, choose not to view it as a slight.

Instead, look at the situation as an opportunity to learn more about women, and improve your game going forward.

5. Treat her like a queen.

Making a lady feel seen and unique is the quickest path into her heart, in my experience.

You must pay attention in order to accomplish this. What are her convictions? What kind of coffee does she drink? What does she take pride in the most? What makes her happy?

Women who are exceptional are like diamonds. It’s up to you to learn to understand and adore every element of this diamond. And if you’re willing to be vulnerable and meet her where she is, she’ll fall for you as well.

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