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How To Enter Students Representative Council

How to enter SRC
How to enter SRC

It’s more than a decade and over of our student governance, politics and democracy in campuses.

Being it KNUST SRC, LEGON SRC, UDS, KTU, UPSA etc. they all practice students politics.

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How to enter SRC

One thing you should take note of is that the SRC of a given university is a very prestigious role. It’s responsibilities cannot be underestimated.

1. Get information about the institution.

2. Ask yourself, how can your voice be heard before and after the Elections?

3. Relate with students who are already in SRC.

Just tell them ,you want to know how you will be included in the SRC after the Elections ?

4. Let other students know your intentions.

5. Do not play with your books. Study and get a good CWA or GPA for yourself as it is a requirement.

6. Join campus political groups which are in-line with your intentions.

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