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How to get 5GB free internet monthly at KNUST

How to get 5GB free internet monthly at KNUST school vodafone

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) offers students free internet connection all through their duration of study as part of the school’s academic fees.

At KNUST, every student has access to free internet on a monthly basis through the Vodafone service.

Here’s how to obtain more than 5GB of free internet monthly at KNUST.

How to get over 5GB free internet monthly at KNUST

1. Get your school ID card.

2. Take it to the nearest Vodafone Customer Service Center/Office at KNUST campus.

3. Request for your School Vodafone.

4. You will be asked for a school ID to validate credentials.

5. After validation is complete you will be given a new personal SIM.

Benefits of the KNUST School Vodafone

Aside from the 5GB free internet monthly, you will be able to make free calls to any school Vodafone line, plus you will be given extra Talktime to make calls to other networks.

KNUST school Vodafone comes with a free monthly internet bundle of 5GB on the 25th.

Check out the list of Vodafone Offices at KNUST.

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