How to know when a girl wants to talk to you

How to know when a girl wants to talk to you

Various people have various ways of guessing whether a girl is interested or not. The level of accuracy would swing according to various factors.

However, many people and most girls are good at faking interest and this must be always kept in mind.

This sometimes leads guys nowhere, they think it was a great time with her but instead the girl wandered somewhere else.

According to experts, the best way to predict interest is through body language. It’s difficult to fake subtle body language and anyone having good advanced knowledge is almost impossible to be fooled.

How to know a girl wants to talk

Few body language clues would be:

1. Determine her body language; if she moves her body towards you while speaking, she is intrigued; otherwise, she is not.

2. If she looks at you for more than half of the time when you’re talking, she’s intrigued. Because it’s tough to keep eyes concentrated for lengthy periods of time, it’s perfectly fine to look away for a while.

3. Keep an eye out for her feet; if they’re pointing towards you, that’s a good sign; if they’re pointing away from you, then If her torso is facing you but her feet aren’t, she’s interested in you but not in what you’re saying. The direction of one’s feet indicates the direction in which one’s mind wishes to travel.

4. If she runs her fingers through her hair softly and slowly while conversing or encircles the hairs on her fingers, she is fascinated. Make sure she isn’t combing her hair, though.
5. Touching the neck is also sign.
6. Pay attention to the tone of voice; you must be able to deduce whether the person is excited or interested.
There are many more advanced body language signs and approaches which give you a clue on how to know when a girl wants to talk to you, but the ones listed are the most fundamental.

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