Hubtel: Buy Anything And Get It Delivered To Your Home


Hubtel: Buy Anything And Get It Delivered To Your Home

Everyday you find and buy the things you need or want to live your life. It’s the basics that enhance life in a big, busy city – from grabbing food to eat, medicine to heal, phone credits/data to connect or sending money to folks that help you.

Get great deals on electronics, home appliances, books, auto and industrial supplies. Top-up and pay bills from your favorite providers.

About Hubtel

Hubtel is an eCommerce platform to organize sales processes in-store, online, and on mobile, helping businesses manage payments and communication with customers. It enables users to shop and pay for their favorite everyday items such as electronics, fashion accessories, clothing, food and more. Hubtel offers minutes to hour delivery of products.

Find and pay for any anything from nearby stores and providers. Hubtel is your companion to your city, helping you access whatever, whenever. It’s the simplest way to collect payments from unlimited contacts on any Excel sheet to payments straight to your bank account or mobile wallet. It’s that simple, just send a payment reminder via SMS text, your contact pays online or USSD and your account is credited immediately. No long things Hubtel is food when you’re hungry. And everything else from near you. Just make that order, we’re on our way to your door.

It was founded in 2005 with offices in Ghana and Kenya. Download the Hubtel App and start buying what you need.

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