I consume weed easily when I mix it with waakye – Fameye

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“Nothing I Get Hitmaker,” Fameye has disproved comments from some netizens that he smokes marijuana aslo known as wee.

Fameye explained on the national radio station that ‘wee’ has so many health benefits and can be used in diverse ways. 

Fameye singing song
Fameye at a singing session

He continued that he sees the Marijuana leaf as part of the green leaves family or vegetables. He might as well added that all vegetarians should make use of weed.

Fameye admitted that he uses the drug but he clearly stated that he doesn’t smoke it. Upon further clarification, he explained that he mixes it with his food which always makes it taste nice. 

“I do not smoke but if you mix it with Waakye, I can consume it easily. I see the marijuana leaf as a green leaf when mixed with lettuce and other vegetables,“ he said.

Fameye added, “I cannot smoke but if mixed with tea or any food…I can take it easy.” 

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