Home Entertainment “Is 6ix9ine Missing?” The Truth Revealed

“Is 6ix9ine Missing?” The Truth Revealed

Is 6ix9ine missing

Anticipated fans have been worried about 6ix9ine’s disappearance from social media.

“Where can I report this missing person?” Brinie shared in 6ix9ine’s last post on Instagram.

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The last time 6ix9ine shared a post on his Instagram as of March 11, was May 23, 2021.

Is 6ix9ine missing or is he just lazy?

Is 6ix9ine missing? It has been a year since Tekashi 6ix9ine actually released a song. 6ix9ine is not missing. At least no police report has stated that the musical artist has gone missing. You see, 6ix9ine is a musical strategist. The numbers 6ix9ine has shown that he is not lazy either. Tekashi 6ix9ine’s “GUMMO” has officially gone platinum, according to RIAA standards.

Most of the time, 6ix9ine prerecords his songs to be released later. In that way, 6ix9ine and his team have a lot of time for promos and other marketing avenues and platforms.

However, it is essential to know that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes despite his successful music career. Some Chicago rappers have 6ix9ine on their “red” list. Tekashi’s constant stepping on toes as evident in his vixens has gotten a lot of individuals vexed.

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