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Is Brendan Depa Autistic? Arrest Charges & Attack Video

Brendan Depa and his maternal grandmother, Nikki Lemen, together in a single frame
Brendan Depa and his maternal grandmother, Nikki Lemen, together in a single frame. (Source: Flager Live)

In recent headlines, the name Brendan Depa has been in the spotlight due to a shocking incident at Matanzas High School. While the incident itself is deeply troubling, it has also raised questions about Brendan’s background, including whether he is autistic, the arrest charges he faces, and the disturbing attack video.

In this article, we aim to provide a comprehensive overview of these critical aspects, offering a well-rounded understanding of the situation.

Is Brendan Depa Autistic?

One of the questions that have surfaced in the wake of the Matanzas High School incident is whether Brendan Depa is on the autism spectrum. Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition characterized by challenges in social interaction, communication, and behavior. While there is no concrete public information available regarding Brendan’s autism status, it’s important to approach this matter with sensitivity and respect for privacy.

According to some reports, Brendan is said to be autistic, and this is significant for several reasons. However no official statement has been found by Yebekagh.

Understanding whether an individual is on the autism spectrum requires a formal diagnosis by a qualified healthcare professional. Such diagnoses are typically based on a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s behavior, communication, and social interactions.

Arrest Charges and the School Incident

The incident that brought Brendan Depa to public attention took place at Matanzas High School on February 21, 20XX. It involved an alarming confrontation between Brendan and a school paraprofessional, Joan Naydich. The incident was captured on a CCTV camera and quickly circulated on social media platforms, leading to Brendan’s arrest and subsequent legal proceedings.

Brendan Depa currently faces arrest charges related to this incident, including aggravated battery on a school board employee. As of now, his legal situation is evolving, with a sentencing hearing scheduled for January 31.

The Shocking Attack Video

The incident that unfolded at Matanzas High School was captured in a disturbing attack video. The video, which has circulated widely on social media, shows the confrontation between Brendan Depa and the paraprofessional. It has garnered significant public attention, sparking discussions about school safety, student-teacher interactions, and the impact of such incidents on both the individuals involved and the community at large.


Brendan Depa’s case is a complex and evolving situation, with many unanswered questions. As discussions around this incident continue, it’s important to approach the topic with empathy, respect for privacy, and an emphasis on verified information. The legal proceedings will determine the consequences of the incident, and we will continue to provide updates as new information becomes available.

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