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Jenicka Lopez Bio, Age, Net Worth, Relationship and Facts

Jenicka Lopez
Jenicka Lopez Biography

Jenicka Lopez now Jacqie Campos is an actress from the United States who has been in television shows such as “I Love Jenni” (2011), “The Riveras” (2016), and “Chiquis ‘n Control” (2017). She is most known as the daughter of Jenni Rivera, an American singer, songwriter, actress, television producer, publicist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, in addition to her celebrity status.



Jenicka Lopez is 24 years. She was born on October 3, 1997.

Net Worth

Jenicka Lopez is a Reality Star who has a net worth of $8 Million.


Michael Campos has been her husband since 2012. The pair exchanged vows on November 10th. Prior to their wedding, the couple had met a few years before.

Jenavieve Campos born in 2014, Jordan Campos born in 2016, and Julian Campos born in 2020 are their three children.


  • Jenni Rivera and Juan Lopez, the renowned YouTuber’s parents, were born in the United States of America.
  • Her mother, Jenni, is a well-known Mexican-American singer, songwriter, novelist, and actress who was married to Juan from 1997 to 2003. Jenna passed away in December of 2012. On the other side, Jenicka Lopez’s father passed away in July 2009.
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