#Jesus: What Is Going On?

Why is Jesus trending?
Why is Jesus trending?

#Jesus is trending no.1 on Twitter in about 5 different countries at the moment including Ghana and Nigeria. What is really going on?

Why Is Jesus Trending?

Pulse shared that Gospel minister, Nathaniel Bassey started the trend “#Jesus” and urged his followers to do the same on their social media timelines. His post reads in part “…Let the world ask what is going on. and we’ll tell them – Jesus is going on!”

Popular phrases shared alongside the Jesus trend is

  • Jesus is happening
  • He is the way, the truth and the life
  • Jesus is going on

Well, it might be confusing. Many people at first glance figured Jesus might have come already. Actually, the Jesus trend is just a message. Social media evangelism for that matter.

A look into Nathaniel Bassey’s Twitter profile shows how he evangelically began this trend. It all started with a social media ministration to heal the nation of Nigeria. He shared, “Owo – Ondo state, and other parts of our nation in pain, We pray for you. May the Lord of all comfort, comfort all in pain and sorrow. Evil shall never prevail. And wicked shall not go unpunished. In Jesus’ name.”

Soon after, he asked his fans to use the Jesus photo above as profile pictures.

Mega churches and renowned pastors have joined the Jesus trend.

Now here are some 6 facts you need to know about the Jesus trend.

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