June 12 Protest now intense in Nigeria


Activists and civil rights societies in Nigeria are calling for nationwide protest to honor Democracy Day June 12.
– June 12 Protest now intense in Nigeria at the moment.

The spike in the actions of activists in Nigeria is attributed to the ban on Twitter a seemingly source of income for some netizens and a “an inconsiderate government.”

The endgame of the protest is for a resignation of the current president, Buhari and an inversion of an administration restriction on Twitter. Coordinators presently can’t seem to report explicit dissent areas as of June 7; previous protests happened at downtown areas, government structures, and public squares.

Many evil happenings have clouded such protests like gang attacks and pure violence. Meanwhile the same happenings have begun.
Ander Anthony’s wife Anda Egbe barely escaped with her life on Eko Bridge last night Monday 7th June, 2021. Thieves shattered the windows, stormed her bus with machetes & guns seizing phones. Several passengers wounded!

Citizens have shown no fear of retention by the government any more.


The protest however, is said to be a peaceful protest. The most recent protest in Nigeria, #EndSars was ment to be a peaceful protest as well but turned out to be a bloody one.


A gathering of attorneys under the name, Lawyers for Rule of Law has likewise said it would offer free administrations to people captured by security authorities during the protests encouraging more people to get involved.

There ave been a few pressing dicussions on this upcoming event and what the government has to do.

Watch this recorded video from the Pepper Room IG live #June12protest.

Some states in Nigeria have already decided their convergence points for the protest event. The event has extended over the borders of Nigeria to London at the moment.

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