Kajaji teachers protest after demise of Ennin

Kajaji Teachers protest

Kajaji Teachers protest after death of Elijah Ennin

Teachers of Kajaji are parading the streets after the demise of one of their own Ennin Prah and injuries caused to Elijah the driver.

Ennin Prah, 29 years old was shot dead in a robbery attack on his way to work at Kajaji D/A JHS.

Ennin Prah Jnr was the only robbery victim to have lost his life on July 7th, 2021.

The school has been suspended after Kajaji teachers protest following the demise of teacher Ennin.

The protestors demand justice for the late Ennin Prah Jnr.

One protestor spoke to Yebekagh, she said, “We demand justice and security because we are not safe in this country.”

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