Home Entertainment Kency Couple, Kennedy and Tracy ‘grind’ In Viral Video

Kency Couple, Kennedy and Tracy ‘grind’ In Viral Video

Kenedy and Tracy 'grind' In Viral Video

The duo, Kennedy and Tracy was seen in a recent viral video tearing up a wedding celebration with their furious dance routines.


Kennedy is dressed in a black suit and matching black shoes. leaned on one side of his body while Tracy, wearing an emerald green pencil dress, squatted to give her husband a good thorough scrubbing.

At the reception, beaming with grins and having fun with one another. On the dance floor, Tracy matches her husband’s vigor. Reactions to the Kency couple dance video on social media

Kennedy and Tracy ‘grind’ In Viral Video. See the video below;

The infamous Kency wedding took place two years ago. However, websites always had something to cover whenever Kennedy Osei, the son of entrepreneur Qsei Kwame Despite, and Tracy showed up there.

The couple is the parents of twin girls.

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